I hate coming home …

So the one thing I hate the most is coming home and knowing that Dad is there. It’s annoying. Think of it as one of those dogs that run right up to you soon as you come through the door. I don’t it and I don’t want it. So what can I do? Nothing but sit in my room and just ignore him. Seems that isn’t enough now. I gotta deal with him using my stuff as well without asking. Makes me feel like I am a kid again. Try to open the front door and his bolt locked it again. Sigh … His in my room, laying on my bed, with laptop on by his side and playing on my 360. Wow how nice of you to ask (!) I mean shit it is my room right?! Finally he starts to realize I need my space. I can breathe again! No … No I can’t. His knocking at the door and came in. Now he wants to borrow the 360 for living room. Not only that his asking what all these letters are about. Give me a break!!! I just want some fucking sleep!!!

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