Playing online Bad Company

So today I got a voice message from some guy who was flying his helicopter and doing nothing with it. So he went to land it and I took it. The guy was so pissed off he sent me a voice message and 25 party invites and 5 chat invites in the space of 5 minutes. Shockingly I thought fine let him in and have his safe. I invited him into the party with me and a few guys and this is what he said!


My weekend

If you know me well then you understand that nothing simply ever happens in my life. This weekend was no different and came with more of a K.O than anything else. One of my friends went to visit a girl who he didn’t know much about and was worried something may happen and normally when he does say stuff like something bad is gonna happen, I say his paranoid. Only this time round he did make me worry a lot when I did try to ring him at the set time he gave me and didn’t pick up. I tried for the whole hour to get through to him and in the end I called the police and ask them can they do a check for me to see if he was okay. 

Now the police wasn’t helpful in the slightest or whoever it was that was talking to me was just plain and damn right rude. When asking for help the last thing you want is someone been sarcastic to you and that was the kind of person he was. At the same time I was on the phone to them I also had another friend ringing me on my mobile. While trying to ask her if I could call her back, I heard her crying down the phone. Now I was in a bad spot, one friend who is crying down the phone to me and one who could be sailing down the river plus with still only a hour to go until midnight as well. I wanted to have a peaceful sleep and go into my 1st day of work not feeling tired or having any problems but this just proved it wasn’t gonna happen. 

Once I got off the phone to the police I rang back my friend who was crying and found out she was going to rehab at last because her drinking problem was getting worst. It was really hard for me to stay calm but she thought I was just angry with her when it wasn’t that. It was me feeling lost again knowing that I wouldn’t be able to speak to her for a month. I knew it was for the best for her and at the end of the day for the good of herself and her kids, this was the best option. She was scared and I could fully understand that due to the fact that this isn’t something she has done before. The last time it happen she didn’t go rehab but instead fought the case head on herself which is dangerous I’ll admit but I didn’t know her then to support her.

During our talk my other friend text me to say he was okay and he wasn’t on his way down the river thames in a black bag. I told the police he was fine and they didn’t need to worry anymore which was a relief for me because I really didn’t want my phone going on and off during the early morning. One problem down and another one still here on the other phone. Maybe it’s wrong to call it a problem but it’s sad to hear her having to go through all this shit. After a lot of tears and wishing we could give each other a hug we said good night and I prayed to her that things will be okay for her. 


The bus accident (May cause offense)

Yeah I may get in trouble for this but it’s for jokes! Well it was raining pretty hard that day and the road was filled with too much water so traffic basically came to an halt. So I’m on an double decker bus, top floor left hand side and two seats ahead of me is this BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!!!!! *ahem* Anyway so I’m basically looking at her but not making eye contact if you get me. (Like I’m turning away but looking at her with the corner of my eye). More people started to get on the bus and the bus still ain’t moved for the last 25 mins. So now I had an disabled type boy on the right side of the bus near me and his friends at the back. I got bored and started drawing on the window because of the steam on the bus. Then I remembered there’s this BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!! on the bus as well! I finally make eye contact with her and she had this BEAUTIFUL SMILE! on her face! For some reason though ….. I’m very easy to please. Like an woman could hug me and yep I’m “happy”. So when she smiled and looked at me …. I got “happy”. Now what’s wrong with that I hear you say? Well ….. The disabled kid made an huge scream by saying UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! I was thinking what his problem? The disabled kid said something that made me turn red and made me wanna leave the bus. “I CAN SEE HIS ****!” ……….. Yeah ….. it poked out. I didn’t know the zipper of my jeans was broken and that little J was sticking out for public viewing. Of course the BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!!!! didn’t seem to take that very well and got off the bus with an angry face. Really it should of been me getting off with little J out. From that day since I never worn jeans again. *cries* and I never saw that BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!!! again. If I remember anymore stories it will be in this topic! If you didn’t wet yourself with laughter …. well I guess I failed *cries* 

Thought of the day : Never give up so easily on everything in life. If we all gave in we would all still be crawling on all fours.

The kebab store (Another funny story)

Again this story could be classed as highly offensive so if you are easily offended, don’t read!

After an night out of going to the pub you follow tradition and go to the Kebab store! So I went in there and ordered an chicken kebab. The guy said to me it will cost £10. Now see if I was out of my head (which I was) you know that’s not the right price! Well anyway I paid him that money and started to realize this guy is taking the piss. So I thought, well I do need an piss as well! I unzipped and little J out and peed on the counter glass where the salad was. He didn’t notice but he soon did! He asked me do you want any salad and I was like huh? He asked again and realized I was peeing on his glass. He looked at me with anger and reached for the biggest knife I ever saw! I ran out the store and he chased me down the road with the knife! I may of lost £10 but hey you take the piss, i’ll do the same!

My games


In the pictures

Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition
Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition
Assassin’s Creed 2 Black Edition
Batman Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition
Batman Arkham City Collector’s Edition
Halo ODST Collector’s Pack
Sacred 2 Collector’s Edition
Fable 3 Limited Collector’s Edition
Alan Wake Limited Edition
Halo Reach Limited Edition
Dante Inferno Death Edition
Fable 2 Limited Collector’s Edition
Red Faction Commando and Recon Edition
Super Street Fighter 4
Kane and Lynch Limited Edition
Kane and Lynch 2 Limited Edition
Transformers Cybertron Edition
Mass Effect Collector’s Edition
Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition
Mass Effect 3 N7 Edition
Star Ocean The Last Hope Limited Collector’s Edition
Prince of Persia Limited Edition
Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition
Street Fighter X Tekken Limited Edition


Missing from pictures

Halo 3 Legendary Edition
Halo Reach Legendary Edition
Gears of War 3 Epic Edition
Skyrim Collector’s Edition
Mass Effect 3 N7 Edition
Blazblue continuum shift extend Limited Edition
Saints Row 2 Collector’s Edition
Viva Pinata Limited Edition
Splinter Cell Double Agent Limited Edition
Fable 3 Limited Edition
Alone in the Dark Collector’s Edition
Fry Cry 2 Collector’s Edition
Bioshock 2 Collector’s Edition
Aliens vs Predator Collection’s Edition

Tron Evolution
BlazBlue Calamity Trigger
BlazBlue Continuum Shift
Lost odyssey
uDraw Studio: Instant Artist
uDraw: Pictionary – Ultimate Edition
uDraw: Marvel Super Hero Squad – Comic Combat
Scene it!
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Full Auto
Deadly Premonition