Courtroom Saga

Sigh so here I am again. Starting a new blog since my 1st one was deleted for … I dunno reason. Anyway not the point. I’m gonna speak about what is happening right now in my life. But before that your gonna have to know from the start how this Saga started, and where it is right now.

So normal everyday thing, you go work, you eat lunch and you start to come home. Easy as anything! What could go wrong? … Well something did go wrong and it changed my life. So I was getting myself home that day and from work I have to take the tube, the train and finally the bus. So I was running for the train and I slipped. Now picture this in slow motion where in the background right in front you can hear this a guy going yaaaaaaaaaa- Oh S***! The guy ran up to me and try help me up. I didn’t know how bad I did my arm. He asked if I wanted any help and I was like nah I just wanna go home. Well it seem home wasn’t on the menu. Not yet anyway.

I sat on the train with and my arm started throbbing 3 times really fast and then an sharp sting kicked in. I went to the hospital and got myself looked at. What they told me next had me in shock. You fractured your elbow. Oh okay that’s all? Thought so. Later it turned out that I didn’t just fracture my elbow, I broke the funny bone in my elbow. And you will need surgery done for this.


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