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Achievements. You either love them or hate them. Some of them can be so easy or hard to get, either 200G for arcade games or 1000G for most retail games, an exception being Condemned at 970G. Prime example of easy is Avatar The Last Airbender, in which you spend 5 minutes with this game and it’s done.

You don’t even need to play the full game or know what the storyline is. Seriously what the hell? I’m looking at this game and I’m thinking, did the company even think hard about this? Did someone spill a drink over the achievements list during the meeting? I would really like to know.

So of course some are not so bad but means you have to put in the work for it. Playing over hundred ranked matches or even stupid things like playing a game for so many hours is just wrong. Now some people just take gaming way too serious and with achievements playing it like it’s a sport. Me personally, I play a game for fun. If I like the game then sure I may try go 100% and complete it.

Let’s be honest with each other, we all have those moments once in our gaming lives where we get so angry, we do stupid things(like a primeval scream and break the microphone as I did on Gears of War 3 Insane. I’m sure DW will explain). The achievements should be looked at as if it’s a side mission. You don’t have to finish the game 100% with all of them. But for people who do, sometimes things get in the way.

For example what if it was an online game? This is where problems really start to take place. Of course the servers can’t be running forever but once they are closed, goodbye achievements. This is where my rage meter goes sky high and I’m sure for others as well.

As said before about second hand, if we want to play a game online and we brought it second hand games you have to pay for a pass. Let’s say I buy NBA 2K10 and I pay for the online pass, only to be told that it’s closing in a months time. How would you react?

Would you rage and try and get all the online achievements done as fast as you can till you’re sick of the game? Or do you just let it pass and say oh well I wasted X amount of MSP? My idea would be to either allow you to buy them or give them to you for no extra cost.

You paid for the pass right? Why not give them to you or as some of these companies are, why not make you pay for them for X MSP? But what do you guys think? Do you think it’s a good idea or is this one that should be left alone?

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