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Hello world and welcome back to another Loading … Please Wait … As you can guess my personal life made me take a step back for a while but hopefully things will be okay again.

So todays rant is about Capcom. I’m sure as much as you all do you love Capcom as well however, I do have to state my anger at them for been money hungry with their fighting games.

A good example of this would be Street Fighter. As history has shown, Street Fighter 2 had been released so many times it was a joke. From the 1st Street Fighter 2 to Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. 7 editions (if you count Hyper Street Fighter 2) in total and each one more or less adding a new feature.

Now see as history has taught us, Capcom will milk out the fighting genre as much as they can. The 1st Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo would have set you back an outrageous price of £129.99 which in today’s standard is just…. Well crazy money. However the price was always blamed because it was made on a cartridge.

Nowadays cheaper methods have been found and we now have the same quality game on DVD or Blu-ray disc. But this is where things start to upset me the most, as much room as there is on the game disc, why is there so much DLC being locked away on that disc? Capcom didn’t admit to it but everyone knows about the Resident Evil 5 1st DLC which was called Versus, being nothing more than a key to unlock it. Resident Evil 5 already had enough heat about black people been the victims this time instead of bringing back the zombies.

Fans cried and begged for a new Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 3 was looking like Capcom had finally started to listen to their fans. But the Stepdad of Mega Man, Kenji Inafune was leaving the company and despite this happening fans were told the game would still be in the works with a Prototype version coming soon. Behind closed doors though, maybe the project was axed as soon Kenji walked out. This is the same as the unique looking game known as Mega Man Universe which was planned for XBLA and PSN. Unique in the sense that it was the 1st game to have all of the Mega Man’s together tied with a bad box art Mega Man.

Now with Street Fighter X Tekken coming out in the next week, we hear news about day 1 downloadable content. Day one itself you can spend nearly £30 on top of the brand new game to have new features such as 4 new characters or even change the costume of your fighter.

Of course no one is telling you to buy all of it but again for the size of the disc that we now have, why do we have to pay for someone to unlock it for us? I’m starting to think Capcom really got hit badly by the recession and have to find ways of making money fast. This could be one of them and let’s be honest we all know the bigger edition will be announced later in the year with more blah blah blah plus all the DLC that you paid for already.

Sorry but I’ll wait for the Mega Street Fighter X Tekken edition or The Iron Fist edition that already being worked on in the background. Once bitten twice shy. While we are talking about the SFXT, anyone remembers Capcom vs SNK? SNK was too powerful to take on Capcom and had to be toned down which of course Tekken has to be as well. Fair enough but in a real fight though, would Marvel be broken by Capcom and there league of fighters? Could Ryu really break Cyclops? We will never know.

End of the day Capcom has a vault of classic series that really are crying to be back in the spotlight again. How about a new Dino Crisis running on the Unreal 3 engine? It’s been a long time coming and could remind people how great the series really was. Or even Onimusha? Maybe not the best Capcom ever did but still a series that seems to be of been in last generation. But this is one series that really does need to be brought back. Power Stone.

Power Stone was amazing on the DreamCast and one of those rare games where you could just have a laugh with your friends. Sure it came out on PSP but how about being on XBLA WITH online play? Just think of the items you could sell on to your friends from Power Stone 2?

If a new Darkstalkers was to be made I would want it in 2D still and not the 2.5D like Street Fighter 4 has turned into. Leave it old school and remind us all what the good old days of Capcom was like. So what do you guys think? Am I right in saying Capcom should bring back something from the vault? Or continue to keep making sequels to games like Street Fighter and Mega Man? Let me know down below!

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