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With games like Battlefield and Mortal Kombat to name but a few, do you feel it’s right to have to buy a online pass due to the game been second hand?

That and the fact of preorder bonus. We all know it’s going to be coming as DLC later, but is a game worth paying full price when in two weeks it will drop?

Good example of this is … God help us … EA Sports Fifa 2012 : Ultimate edition which comes at a RRP of £54.99. Since I don’t play football it don’t bother me. However for the price that you are paying, you will be getting a year supply of free dlc for the game. As nice as that sounds, the price is still too much.

Who’s to say other 3rd party companies won’t follow this? Again EA has done it with Need for Speed that if you buy the game second hand you need to buy a online pass. SVR (Smackdown vs Raw 2011) had the same thing as well, however they also said if you pay so much you can get all the dlc for free.

The problem is, game makers are seeing that we are buying games for a second hand price and are pissed off about it. I get it they don’t make a thing out of it and all profit goes to the shops.

With places like HMV they do have a fight on their hands now with Tesco or ASDA trying to under cut them. And let’s be real, some of us want the game in our hands before or on the release date.

However, very little games I buy within release date now. Good example of this is … Castlevania. Came out at £39.99, week later, in Zavvi’s Mega Monday sale for £24.99. It’s other games as well that get this treatment.

If digital download is the way forward as well, they also needs to cut down on price. Some of the games on sale seems a bit steep for me when you can buy a disk copy for less if you have a look around.

For me personally, I like having the case/box. Yeah it may take up space next to 100+ 360 games however, I like the look of some covers and know that I can borrow it to a friend if need be.

Well that’s my rant done now! Thanks for reading and leave a comment!

Loading … Please wait … is my view on things and is in no way to upset anyone.


4 thoughts on “Loading … Please Wait … Price of games”

  1. i made some mistakes when i started this ‘xbox adventure’ and thats why i played bad company 2 :/ had to buy 3 dlc’s to complete this piece of c, now i am very selective, dont buy it untill i check it out properly, next buy? after i finish max payne3 🙂 is DEADLIGHT (=zombie+i am alive+ limbo)

    1. People are buying used (or pre-owned as the shops call them) games because new games are too expensive. Enforcing season passes will maybe hurt the business of selling used games, but in the long run it will only make the overall sales of games go down. This means less games per person = only the biggest companies survive = less “new” ideas / games.. so my opinion is that this is not a good strategy. They should just lower the prices instead… they will sell more games by doing this!

      1. u heard about how the guy who created Fallout 1 n 2 got his money to kickstart the Wasteland 2?

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