The bus accident (May cause offense)

Yeah I may get in trouble for this but it’s for jokes! Well it was raining pretty hard that day and the road was filled with too much water so traffic basically came to an halt. So I’m on an double decker bus, top floor left hand side and two seats ahead of me is this BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!!!!! *ahem* Anyway so I’m basically looking at her but not making eye contact if you get me. (Like I’m turning away but looking at her with the corner of my eye). More people started to get on the bus and the bus still ain’t moved for the last 25 mins. So now I had an disabled type boy on the right side of the bus near me and his friends at the back. I got bored and started drawing on the window because of the steam on the bus. Then I remembered there’s this BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!! on the bus as well! I finally make eye contact with her and she had this BEAUTIFUL SMILE! on her face! For some reason though ….. I’m very easy to please. Like an woman could hug me and yep I’m “happy”. So when she smiled and looked at me …. I got “happy”. Now what’s wrong with that I hear you say? Well ….. The disabled kid made an huge scream by saying UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! I was thinking what his problem? The disabled kid said something that made me turn red and made me wanna leave the bus. “I CAN SEE HIS ****!” ……….. Yeah ….. it poked out. I didn’t know the zipper of my jeans was broken and that little J was sticking out for public viewing. Of course the BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!!!! didn’t seem to take that very well and got off the bus with an angry face. Really it should of been me getting off with little J out. From that day since I never worn jeans again. *cries* and I never saw that BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!!! again. If I remember anymore stories it will be in this topic! If you didn’t wet yourself with laughter …. well I guess I failed *cries* 

Thought of the day : Never give up so easily on everything in life. If we all gave in we would all still be crawling on all fours.


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