The kebab store (Another funny story)

Again this story could be classed as highly offensive so if you are easily offended, don’t read!

After an night out of going to the pub you follow tradition and go to the Kebab store! So I went in there and ordered an chicken kebab. The guy said to me it will cost £10. Now see if I was out of my head (which I was) you know that’s not the right price! Well anyway I paid him that money and started to realize this guy is taking the piss. So I thought, well I do need an piss as well! I unzipped and little J out and peed on the counter glass where the salad was. He didn’t notice but he soon did! He asked me do you want any salad and I was like huh? He asked again and realized I was peeing on his glass. He looked at me with anger and reached for the biggest knife I ever saw! I ran out the store and he chased me down the road with the knife! I may of lost £10 but hey you take the piss, i’ll do the same!

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