Damn you Dad!

Me and my dad never seemed to get on really well but, things have pretty much changed since he moved out. I just can’t forget the one time he made me rage so hard that I couldn’t even speak.

So mum has gone away for holiday and has left the place to me and dad. I’m doing the washing up and I notice I got one sheet of kitchen paper left. So I said to Dad, here’s £10 can you go down the shop and get me some kitchen paper. So he took the money and left. Keep in mind shop is 5 minutes away. An hour has passed and Dad comes through the door at last. In his hand is a supermarket bag, so I was like okay good thinking his gone and brought me some from there. I open up the bag and there is only one kitchen paper in there. I asked Dad, where did you get this from. He replied : I got it from home. You did what I said? And again he replied I got it from home.  I asked him next what about the £10 I gave you? And he said oh I used that for travel fair! Thanks son! At the time I was pissed at him but now I can laugh it off.


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