Life …

Past few days I been sitting back thinking about my life and what’s been going on. It’s been a weird time for me still and although past events still haunt me a bit, I try not to let them ruin my future. As of now I have a friend in rehab due to her drinking problem and another friend who is in care due to him been unstable.

Although it’s not me in there it effects me quite a lot. For some reason I been called a hero or a Icon. I’m neither of those things in my own mind but just someone who will give a helping hand when needed. Sometimes people abuse the kindest that I offer or use it against me. End of the day we’re all human right? I mean how else can it be explained about some of the mad things we do or mistakes that we do?

Thinking back now I remember when my ex was called a mistake when she was little. As you can guess she didn’t take it to well and I remember me hugging her in bed while she cried to sleep. To be honest I don’t think anyone is a mistake at all. That’s just my view on the matter. We are alive and although we may not class ourselves as the lucky ones, we should just embrace life while we can.

Take the time to feel the rain run down your face or the sun blinding you with it light. There’s people out there who can’t do those things and we should take that chance while we all still can. We may never know when we will die but it’s the memories that we bring that will always live with us.


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