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Fun times with my cousins Sandi and Rashellee

When Rashellee 1st came over she was still a young girl, maybe 5 or 6 years old but we basically got used to each other as I used to make her laugh and looked after her. We had some crazy times together and some of them was just so unreal it was amazing! Her mum Sandi didn’t mind and was glad I showed her the support she needed.Back in the day I had long hair and I asked Sandi could she platt it for me at times.

I can’t remember how this started but some how I remember just been pinned down by Sandi and then Rashellee coming up to me and then giving me a love bite on my forehead! It was like wtf noooooooooo! Worst thing about this was that I had to go to Rashellee school the next day and work  So I remember when the teacher for Rashellee would always try to keep a straight face when looking at me but would always try not to laugh. As the day got on I had to go to work and yeah customers laughed at me saying oh shit man your girl owns you hard. -____- I was too embrassed to saying at times and just was like yeah I know *while grinding my teeth.*

Another time we had was when Rashellee and me went to the shop and I brought her a can of Pepsi.Now due to my name she used to love calling me that and I would always be like Grrrrrr whatever kid! Gor back to the house and Rashellee got herself a glass at sat on the floor. She starting pouring it out and I said to her “Rashellee don’t put it all in the glass in case you drop it.” She pokes her tounge at me and continues and it filled to the top. So now she goes to drink it with both hands and slip – The falls out of her hand and the coke is everywhere! Grandad was sitting back and must of said something like she drop the Rast Glass! Which to this day I’ll never forget and forever call her now she is older!

I remember when we was watching Scobby Doo live action film on dvd. I got tired so I laid there on the sofa in the room and dosed off. Next thing I remember Rashellee was laughing and I wasn’t awake at all. So I didn’t pay no mind to her and went back to sleep. I woke up and went in the bathroom and when I was washing my hands I saw she wrote on my forehead with a green marker pen. Me been in shock was like ah hell nah! Lucky thing was it came off and I had to try and keep a straight face telling Rashellee off.

Rashellee was sleeping downstairs on the sofa at one end and me sitting at the other end. I was watching a film on channel five at the time and it was meant to be a horror film but seem so boring that I almost fell asleep. That was until Rashellee sat up and looked at me with wide eyes and starting saying “Hold on, hold on! (Gibbish stuff).” I try my hardest to remain calm and not scream like a little girl and said “Rashellee, go back to sleep.” She still keep staring at me for at least a minute and then dropped back to sleep. I had a uneasy night sleeping but somehow Rashellee didn’t remember none of it.

Will update more later

Q&A Time with DisCode

Okay so I been getting a few question from my real life friends to Internet friends and think it’s time I answered them.

Question : Where does the name Pepz come from? Do you have any other nicknames?

Answer: The name was given to me by someone close and is said Pez but with a extra p. The reason for that is because the name has a meaning and that meaning is change. Now that don’t mean I will be changing your life around for the better or the worst but it does mean I will try and change the way you think of things.

If you do think too much on negative side then I’m going to try and change that in total so you become a better person. Remember I am only human and the advice I give is there to be listened to, so if you want it I will give it.

The person who gave me the name is no longer with us and I have the greatest respect for him and will always try my best to do him proud.

As for the name DisCode well … It’s one I picked for myself than given. At the time I felt very low and was on the Internet more than usual. In a weird way I felt disconnected to the real world and started toying with  the Dis and finally picked DisCode. It is a name that people know me as on a few websites but rarely used in public. Pepz still holds that and always will do.

Question : Did all of that stuff really happen to you?

Answer : I get asked this quite a lot and yes all of it is real and did happen to me and for someone who is only 29 years old it is hard to deal with but I am getting help through all of this and hopefully I will find the end of so much bad luck at last.

Question : Do you really have all those 360 games?

Answer: Yes … And more …

Question: Do you have any more stories to put up?

Answer: Yeah I do but I need time alone right now so I can recover from the lost of my friends.

Question: Why does your cats have their own facebook page?

Answer: It started off as a running joke between a few members in Mad Company with people saying Pepz feed us or as the common one I hear a lot of is Me bones are showing mate! Took off from there and has finally made into a real thing.

I’m not running it fully but it is been run by a few members of Mad Company. An Irish man, An American and An Englishman. All I do is upload pictures of them.

Question: Was that really a picture of you in one of your stories?

Answer: Yes it is and maybe not the best one but still a picture.

Question : Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Answer : I really don’t know maybe still fighting my claim or have my own little shop running. Maybe even have a girlfriend at that stage as well.

Question : What is Pastafarian?

Answer : This is another question I get asked a lot about and people don’t believe me. Pastafarian is a religion by The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Yes it is real and you can look on wiki about it. I am one and have been called the S.E.P by some which stands for Straight Edge Pastafarian.

Question : Do you feel happier in your life?

Answer : I honestly can not say I do or I don’t due to each day been different and been depressed you do have mood swing a lot. I am getting help which I’m thankful for and I’m hoping to get back on my feet sooner than later.

Okay that’s all for now but if you do have any other questions ask away on here! Ja ne!

Peace to my fallen friends and family

So I always got told things happen in 3’s. Death is one of them he came knocking 3 times this week and took 2 friends and 1 family member. 3 is meant to be a magic number but 3 has now turned into an evil number for me. No maybe not evil maybe more neutral than I realised.

I pray to God that they all can now rest a lot more easier and they are not in pain anymore. We will miss you all. I hope and pray that this week, my final week until I go take a break, things will look up at long last.

I also like to take this chance to thank everyone who supported me during this hard time,  you guys know who you are and yeah this time I’m going to grieve like I should have done all this time. The shock will soon wear off and soon my tears will flow and when it happens I’m hoping I can still fall back into place again.

I’m missing you Kim

I never really spoke too much about her but Kim was a close friend to me and one that I stuck bt during the 2 years I knew her. I started reading her blogs on the site she was on and then asked how she over came everything. She had a drinking problem like I once did but was still fighting it as much as she could.I try to push her as much as I could in the way of support. As in look towards your kids and spend time with them and remember that as a mum they need time with you.

She did it and went to rehab and we always kept saying we would meet up one day to see each other. She wanted to thank me for helping her throught everything she had been through and supporting her. Even a lady of 47 she was pretty sexy I’ll give her that but I looked at her as a lady who wanted my advice and help.

When I did speak to her I would always ask her how the kids were and her cat that always bite her ankle. In the last few weeks Kim went to hospital and stayed there for a while, she never told me what was wrong but this delayed us meeting up. I spoke to her when I could get the chance to whenever she rang I would call her back. At 23;47 on the 06/08/12 She sent me a text message that said :

“I am so glad we talked. Around three majo today I have no movemou left side. This is jarrengog so quickly. I am so paced. Do ot worry I will meet my son. Babe this is possibly the last merage ever. Thank you for being me eeriend. X”

i read it twice and rang her instantly and I could hear her crying down the phone. I asked her if she was alone and she told me no her family was with her and the ambulance was coming. “I’m scared Pepz” she said and I was much in shock to think much. Be strong I told her be brave and never forget about the good times we had. You will always be a close friend to me.

I didn’t get the chance to say bye to her but I knew what she was saying in that text message. Meeting her son meant the son who died from cot death back in the 80’s. When I finally got myself together I was able to text her back and say to her:

“You gotta fight it Kim promise me that x promise me that whatever happens u will always remember the fun we had! The good chats we had, the crazy jokes we did to each other. Make sure ur sister has my number, i want a update on you x i miss u”

I never did get a reply back but I hope she did see it or someone read it to her. I will never forget her and the chats we had together.

I’m missing you a lot Kim but I hope right now you are hugging your son very tight.