I’m missing you Kim

I never really spoke too much about her but Kim was a close friend to me and one that I stuck bt during the 2 years I knew her. I started reading her blogs on the site she was on and then asked how she over came everything. She had a drinking problem like I once did but was still fighting it as much as she could.I try to push her as much as I could in the way of support. As in look towards your kids and spend time with them and remember that as a mum they need time with you.

She did it and went to rehab and we always kept saying we would meet up one day to see each other. She wanted to thank me for helping her throught everything she had been through and supporting her. Even a lady of 47 she was pretty sexy I’ll give her that but I looked at her as a lady who wanted my advice and help.

When I did speak to her I would always ask her how the kids were and her cat that always bite her ankle. In the last few weeks Kim went to hospital and stayed there for a while, she never told me what was wrong but this delayed us meeting up. I spoke to her when I could get the chance to whenever she rang I would call her back. At 23;47 on the 06/08/12 She sent me a text message that said :

“I am so glad we talked. Around three majo today I have no movemou left side. This is jarrengog so quickly. I am so paced. Do ot worry I will meet my son. Babe this is possibly the last merage ever. Thank you for being me eeriend. X”

i read it twice and rang her instantly and I could hear her crying down the phone. I asked her if she was alone and she told me no her family was with her and the ambulance was coming. “I’m scared Pepz” she said and I was much in shock to think much. Be strong I told her be brave and never forget about the good times we had. You will always be a close friend to me.

I didn’t get the chance to say bye to her but I knew what she was saying in that text message. Meeting her son meant the son who died from cot death back in the 80’s. When I finally got myself together I was able to text her back and say to her:

“You gotta fight it Kim promise me that x promise me that whatever happens u will always remember the fun we had! The good chats we had, the crazy jokes we did to each other. Make sure ur sister has my number, i want a update on you x i miss u”

I never did get a reply back but I hope she did see it or someone read it to her. I will never forget her and the chats we had together.

I’m missing you a lot Kim but I hope right now you are hugging your son very tight.


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