Q&A Time with DisCode

Okay so I been getting a few question from my real life friends to Internet friends and think it’s time I answered them.

Question : Where does the name Pepz come from? Do you have any other nicknames?

Answer: The name was given to me by someone close and is said Pez but with a extra p. The reason for that is because the name has a meaning and that meaning is change. Now that don’t mean I will be changing your life around for the better or the worst but it does mean I will try and change the way you think of things.

If you do think too much on negative side then I’m going to try and change that in total so you become a better person. Remember I am only human and the advice I give is there to be listened to, so if you want it I will give it.

The person who gave me the name is no longer with us and I have the greatest respect for him and will always try my best to do him proud.

As for the name DisCode well … It’s one I picked for myself than given. At the time I felt very low and was on the Internet more than usual. In a weird way I felt disconnected to the real world and started toying with  the Dis and finally picked DisCode. It is a name that people know me as on a few websites but rarely used in public. Pepz still holds that and always will do.

Question : Did all of that stuff really happen to you?

Answer : I get asked this quite a lot and yes all of it is real and did happen to me and for someone who is only 29 years old it is hard to deal with but I am getting help through all of this and hopefully I will find the end of so much bad luck at last.

Question : Do you really have all those 360 games?

Answer: Yes … And more …

Question: Do you have any more stories to put up?

Answer: Yeah I do but I need time alone right now so I can recover from the lost of my friends.

Question: Why does your cats have their own facebook page?

Answer: It started off as a running joke between a few members in Mad Company with people saying Pepz feed us or as the common one I hear a lot of is Me bones are showing mate! Took off from there and has finally made into a real thing.

I’m not running it fully but it is been run by a few members of Mad Company. An Irish man, An American and An Englishman. All I do is upload pictures of them.

Question: Was that really a picture of you in one of your stories?

Answer: Yes it is and maybe not the best one but still a picture.

Question : Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Answer : I really don’t know maybe still fighting my claim or have my own little shop running. Maybe even have a girlfriend at that stage as well.

Question : What is Pastafarian?

Answer : This is another question I get asked a lot about and people don’t believe me. Pastafarian is a religion by The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Yes it is real and you can look on wiki about it. I am one and have been called the S.E.P by some which stands for Straight Edge Pastafarian.

Question : Do you feel happier in your life?

Answer : I honestly can not say I do or I don’t due to each day been different and been depressed you do have mood swing a lot. I am getting help which I’m thankful for and I’m hoping to get back on my feet sooner than later.

Okay that’s all for now but if you do have any other questions ask away on here! Ja ne!


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