Gut feeling …

I’m not one to be shy of my life and I got nothing to hide behind it anymore but sometimes the pain in my soul hurts too much.  Is it because I miss the important people I once had in my life? I dunno but I’m trying to make my life better and get on the mends again. The 1st step doing that is me been a carer and maybe that isn’t the best choice in people’s eyes but in mine it is. I been wanting to do something to help others out in the long run for ages but never knew what or how so me doing this might be the best thing for me.

For now I wanna talk about the dream I had that has made me uneasy of some sort. The rain pouring hard on me like there is no tomorrow and me looking across trying to chase someone. The problem is no matter how hard the rain falls on me I continue to run until I catch up with them. Once I do get up to them, I hold them in my arms and tell them it’s okay to cry now. What makes me confuse is that I don’t see the person face due to their hair covering it and makes me think more who that person is.

Of course not all dreams are meant to make sense and not all are to be taken so lightly but I look at dreams like it’s a sign of things to come. So is this another case of things to come or is it just my mind playing games again and making me over think again? Either way I don’t know.

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