Bye Bye Miss American Pie …

So the other day I showed my friend Lauren around London. Didn’t spend much together but it was time worth spending either way. She wanted to go Tower Bridge and go on a boat ride. Of course I didn’t mind so much and the fact that I could do it was pretty cool. Me and Lauren went to meet at Elephant and castle a place close to both of us. Only problem since it has more than one exit, you can kinda get lost. Must of spent 15 minutes trying to find each other. I forgot to tell her what I would be wearing but knew what she was wearing which was all good. Before I went to meet I wanted to make her smile so went into a shop and tried to get a single rose. Problem was the shop keeper wanted me to buy a full packet and I told him clearly this is like asking for a box of cigs when I don’t need it!

When we finally did see each other Lauren was across the street so I looked around and try to find a way to get to her. Instead of taking the short route which was to my right, I took the long ass route to my left. Completely out of her sight but was glad so this way I could now surprise her. I went behind her and put the rose right in front of her and she yelled Oh My Gooooooood! Hee hee it was cool hearing her say that and seeing the big smile on her face.




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