Remember saga … The final Saga of 2012 …


1st of Septemeber to the 31st of December has always been known to me as Remember. It that four month period that either destroys me or brings me back to peace. So why am I calling it the Final saga? Simple it’s the last time I’m ever gonna look at it and feel like it will do one of the two. Next year I’ll be 30 and I want to leave it behind me with all the other pain that has come to me. In other words … I’ve accepted that pain and now moving forward with it but will no longer let it be a burden to me. The one person who truly knew me took the burden and weight with him when he passed. I respect him for keeping it locked and not telling everyone but the problem was I was a loose cannon. I fired shot all over the place and I made it known that I was completely alone.

If falling down was all that I ever knew … Then it time to get up and walk towards the light. Someone told me a story of the girl and the starfish which is a story I never heard before but it made me cry i’ll admit. And I guess I am like her. The story goes …

“lil girl walks along the coast where there’s starfish everywhere….all washed up on the coast and as she walks along she picks them up one by one and tosses them back in the water and someone comes to her and says to her something like “You know that you can’t save them all right?” She replies that she knows…but for that one that she tossed back…she made a difference.

So it’s about the ones you can help you’re not going to save the world, you’re right but if you can shed light where you can and help those that you can, then you have made a differenece.

Hearing it made me feel a little better about myself and might of been what I needed to help me open my eyes on the closing of this saga.  Thanks Ria … You message was clear and now I’ll use it and work towards the goal that I always had set out to do. I can’t be a Servant anymore and be that person who shows no emotion at all. I’m no longer gonna look back and want to be a Carnival member who was on a path of destruction. Nor a SL who dreamed of nothing but death to come and save my soul.

If I do pass away … Play this song


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