Beats in my head

As you all know I like to joke about if I ever get injured at all and not take it to serious. And of late I been away in hospital due to me getting my ass handed by a mental patient. I’m not allowed to say where it happen or the person’s name that it happened but it was a crazy experience.

Not sure what triggered it off to be honest but it did hurt me a lot I’ll say that. So all I remember was me hearing screaming and I turned around and see a guy on the floor. Next thing I saw was the guy with heading towards me with eyes that looked spaced out. All I remember was since I don’t have training to calm him down I can’t really touch this guy.

So he came up to me and did a spear on me and feeling the wind taken out of me. I don’t know what he used or hit me with but he knocked me out completely cold. All I remember was me laying in a hospital bed and thinking what the hell happened to me?

I stayed in for a while and thankfully no broken bones or major injuries done to me. I was thinking okay I’ll get back to work soon but instead the agency has turned there back on me in total and want nothing to do with me. Once again I’m out of work looking for it and joining various agencies that will allow me to work again.

Well that’s what happened and expect some unfinished post to come up soon!!!

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