Shotgun Wedding


Today I wanna talk about something different and less depressing about my life. This time I’m going to talk about the wedding of the … Well one wedding I’m glad I never went to! I’m no stranger to some people but you either know me by DisCode or Pepz on the internet. So this was back in the day when I was on a website using my name DisCode and was talking to a lot of people in the chat room.

One of the ladies on there said she was getting married and invited the whole chat room.  I couldn’t believe it but it turns out she really did ask everyone to come by. The lady in question went by the name Mrs Dealer which was the correct name for her in total. Anyway she asked me can I help her find a wheelchair for her because she can’t walk for a long time. I was like okay let’s look on gumtree and ebay. she replied to by saying yeah but I don’t wanna pay for it. I want a free one. I couldn’t find one for her in the end but as the time got nearer for the wedding, I found out I couldn’t make it in the end.

The chat room was bare and hardly anyone was in there and while the wedding was taking place, most of us was wondering what really was going on and how it was going. Turns out it didn’t go as people expected. Mrs Dealer didn’t pay for anything. Things were paid for her and food and drink was brought for her. Presents and cards were given to her with no problems. The wedding however went off okay with no problems and her walking down the aisle.

That’s right walking down the aisle. It seemed that she lied about needing a wheelchair and was hoping someone would buy her one. No one did thankfully, but everyone who was there was in for a bigger surprise.  Once again using her name in the correct way she got up on stage to give a speech. She basically said “I don’t know any of you and I don’t care who any of you are at all. I just wanted the presents and food.” Then to her husband and said “We need to make sure we get you insured don’t we? Accidents do happen.”

Anger is not the word I would use to say what I would be feeling hearing that but it didn’t stop there, a few people saw her opening the presents and if it was something she didn’t like, she throw it to one side and not care about them. Same with the cards, she would open them up and see if there was money inside them and then rip them up. Same with any card that didn’t contain any money inside them. She would soon leave and return to the chat room slagging everyone off saying various rude words about all of us and how we ruined her wedding. She left by saying I’m never coming back here ever again.

Problem is we can never tell if she really did go back on or not because she could use a new username and choose not to show any details.


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