So I always got told Pepz you’re a nice guy but you’re in the right place at the wrong time. Maybe if you was here X amount of years, months, moments … Whatever. How people come in and out of my life is a choice that I have no control over. What does matter is the impact I leave on your life and that can vary. As my name meaning itself it can change you for the good or for the bad. However I don’t control how you take my advice, I just give it to you straight like a cup of coffee.

So why am I bit uptight then? Well because I think I need to make it clear. that I don’t wish to be held down by stupid things whatever I say on here. None of this should be taken to do any action against me or my friends. With that said I think it was a pretty shameful move that the people who took down my facebook did that. We agreed that once I left I would never mention what happened or whatever we did as a group. I am asking you as a former member to please leave my friends alone and don’t trouble them.

Another thing I want to touch on that annoyed me last week was how I had to let go of my ex at last. I’m fine with helping out and that but seriously don’t abuse it. I can’t always be there for everyone but I do try my best to help out when I can. For this one I didn’t take my phone with me on a day and yet I get text of abuse for it. It’s like you’re not allowed to live a life without taking your mobile with you because it’s now your new set of keys.

Since i’m on a roll on this rant I would also like to touch on another problem that annoyed the hell out of me. If you are sick and you are telling someone that you are dying and know it’s your time, why lie about it? In this case the person who done this to me is someone I wrote about on here.  Now see the thing is she lied to me and I saw her walk down the street one time and we both locked eyes on each other and she knew damn well I was fuming.

I didn’t lash out or cause a scene though, no … It’s not about that anymore. After all these years of training I finally was able to hold it back and not release me going ape shit. And lets face it, it’s wouldn’t of done me any good for my career as a care worker if I couldn’t control it. No my eyes showed my anger and my rage. It was enough for her to scared and worried that she ran and I could see the fear in her eyes. That was good enough for me. Long as that message was sent across I was happy.

Looking back now I don’t even feel anger or pity for you anymore. As far as I know and inside of me you are dead and you can’t hurt me anymore. In my mind I’m walking towards your grave now and laying the flowers down there. Deep down though for the sin you commited … You are sure to be the Naraku no Hana. (A flower in the 7th layer of hell). I don’t know if she will ever see this but if Lizbag ever does … I hope we can be friends again. And for those I hate … This picture is for you :


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