As some of you know I do have a claim going on in the background of my life. Now of course this has been going on for over 2 years and is the result of a broken funny bone. This all happened back on September 10th 2010 at approximately 15:47 (3:47) freaky huh? Well this was all caused by a wetness on the floor and me slipping while running for the train. No sign was out of course to say the floor was wet. Today I find out the most stupidest thing ever and that is after two years, Network Rail have said nope it’s not our fault it’s the cleaners.

It took them over that long to say that when we could of been going straight to the cleaners 1st time round?! God help us all … I swear sometimes I just wanna scream my head off and this seems to be one of them days for sure. Will post a bit when I calm down a bit but for right now I just wanna Hulk Smash.


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