Trust in me

Getting someone to trust you is hard when  you been betrayed countless times. We trust the people close to us like family, other halfs, friends … Whoever. The problem is how do we gain the trust back from someone like that or do we even make ends meet for some? I won’t deny I been hurt too many times by both loved ones and family members. When I say family members it can also mean my nakamas and very close friends. I dunno how to find trust in everyones soul but I know for myself I’m finally learnt to open the doors to the right people. Of course the problem is we have to take risk at times to know if this person is been real or just full of hot air.  Those who do know me understand I’m a person who is faithful and will act as a neutral when the time comes for it. That’s always been my way of life and maybe the rule I’ll stand by till I pass away.


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