In sickness and in health …

Sometimes pain can be shown on someone’s body or face but we can’t always judge that. Some people suffer from pain that they can’t show or find it hard to express what or how it feels like. In this case. it’s a mixture. So one of my friends has a pain that is going through his body that can’t be seen but can express and show how it affects him. Me and Mac have worked together and stayed friends now for over ten years now and seeing him in pain really does hurt. Like the care worker I am, I try to let them do as much as they can, then help them when they ask for it. The most annoying thing to help them all the way without letting them try. Mac knows his limit and I won’t ever put him down for it, he knows when it’s gonna kick in or how bad it is.

Another friend of mine, Butterfly is another case of this and again she knows her limits. As much as she does hate me doing it I help her out as much as I can. I like to see her rest as much as she can and my way of saying thank you to her for what she has done in the space of knowing her. In a weird way, I class her now as a Nakama because of our strong bond. Without her been around for the chats we had, I may have done a lot more stupid things that people would not know about.

The thing they both have in common is that they won’t let life bring them down at all. No matter how bad things are or the outlook on what other people think. So then what is the point I’m trying to make here? Well … It varies to be honest. People who are cheating the system by saying they are disabled or can’t do things when they can deep down. It’s those sort of people who annoy me the most because someone like Mac who can’t show his illness, has to go through hell itself to show that he is unable to do stuff.

Other people who have an illness and been written off by the doctor have to do a stupid test to say yes they are ill. What doesn’t make sense is, you can’t judge someone like that and stop their money for this simple fact alone. I went for one and I had to say it was the dumbest thing I ever had to go to. As for as the doctor who gives you this test, can see you move at least one arm and leg, you can work. But again this is where a problem lies. What if the illness is more a mental than psychical problem?

You can’t predict when you can have an anxiety attack or have a fit for that matter. There is no off button for it so it’s completely useless to tell how they will cope. Again the way the government are going on, it does make me more and more angry. Think it was our current prime minster who said sick people should work. Huge problem with that, how many of them do you think will really turn up for work?

Either way the people who are truly ill either do get the benefits they need or get cheated out by people who fake it all the time. But you know what they say, Karma can be a bitch when it comes round and bites you hard. It’s only a matter of time before it happens though.

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