Away till whenever …

Wish I could say it wasn’t true but I have a very important thing to say and get off my chest. As of late I not been honest with everyone and have been having a hard time dealing with this.

In short a member of the family (very close but won’t say who) has Cancer and is fighting the best they can right now in hospital. I do still find it hard to talk about and even now saying it like this feels very wrong.

I’m sorry for anyone I have caused a lot of grief, trouble or anything bad. It’s not been a very easy road for me as some of you may know and I was hoping I wouldn’t face a meltdown. I’m taking this time to take a break from everything right now.

People who are waiting on stuff to be sent to them should be happy to know it’s still been sent and is been dealt with by a close friend. I’m sorry for the delay and any trouble this has caused you.

Thanks Pepz Antonio Ricthie

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