Happy new year and everything else and hope you are enjoying it so far! As for me, now things are getting better at last and not so crazy. The person who went in hospital is now on the mends as well. So what left for my life now? Hmm well now is where the big change may take place in where I could be moving out again which seems fine to me. Only problem I got is that I really need to sort out driving lessons and that before I can get to do anything else. Shouldn’t be too hard I guess long as I keep at it but again I gotta stick with it by keep doing the test on my phone. It’s crazy how now there seems to be a app for nearly everything. I was looking around on the Google Play and the Amazon appstore and couldn’t believe the madness of how many free apps there was. Still I guess the world is forever changing and like it was once said, time stops for no one.