In the end (Lyrics)

Walking alone thinking of you and what you could be doing now.
I wish you was here right by my side and me holding your hand.
Can we go out and watch the stars again like we did the night I last saw you
Wishing in this illusion, wanting to smell your perfume again.
Believing in yesterday but scared to face tomorrow though.

I just want you here … By my side
I just wish you was here … By my side
By my side …

Years that gone past and fears that remains that just simply won’t fade away.
Its like time has stood still and I’m focusing on the time we spend together.
Where did it all go through, is a question that I keep asking myself
Was it something that I did or something that I said to lose you?
Is there any sort of way that I can have your trust back?

I just want you here … By my side

The tears that I cry may never dry
but I won’t deny that
I want you beside me
all the time and hold me tight
don’t leave me alone because I need you so much

No matter what it takes you know I’ll do anything to protect your smile
Just give me that chance to make you smile again
Let me show you why you mean the world to me
You know deep inside that I was born to meet you
So I’m begging you please to allow me back in your arms.


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