I did say a while ago I did have something to announce and I’m happy to say it now. I took it upon myself to make my own facebook page with all my lyrics on there. That’s not all, I’m also speaking to someone who makes beats and hoping I can work with him to feature on one of his tracks. This is pretty big news for me and I’m hoping everyone can be happy for me! While doing this I do have another silent project which is me writing a book! Its going by the title of Imaginary Forklore: The Life of Pepz. It is still very basic and I only done 25 pages due to my computer been in repairs. But now I got it back I can carry on with it at last! So yeah pretty big news and I’m glad to get it off my chest and be able to say something!

Lyrics page :


Ah shi-

Well unexpectedly my computer and phone died in one fucking day! So as a result I had to delay my announcement.  Anyway will get it back tomorrow hopefully and can start off!