Meta or Meta-emotion (Lyrics may change)

What is it that I see when I look in the mirror in front of me?
Is it me or is it just another side of me that I hide away from?
Who can tell even with this mask I wear to protect my feelings …
I hide away my true feelings away from you still …

It’s true though … That feeling … That I can feel inside me now,
It’s begging to be free now, smiling nervously while my tears drown from my face
Am I just trying to cling on … To someone else? 

(Are you okay? How was your day?
Same old as always. I don’t want to talk about it.
Are you crying? 
Get away from me … Leave me alone.)

Another me smiling and happy in alternative world holding a baby.
When will I be come like they have and be free of this curse?
Will it come in this lifetime or another one? 

It’s true though … That feeling … That I can feel inside me now,
Even though it hurts me so much I starting to numb out the pain in me
Memories soon become lost and void in this dream like state I’m in.
Can I live in this …. Illusion for long?

Dripping … Like water … It’s running down my arms …
Without realizing it I’m crying out your name to come and save me.
Even though I can see you and I’m reaching out to you, 
Will you save me from this pain inside?

Stay …
Leave …
Stay or leave …

Tears running down my face you pull my hands and hold me tight, 
Telling me never to do it again …
But it’s … Not you … 
It’s just a fragment of my imagination …




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