Thank you

A few things have happened which I can’t talk about for personal and legal reasons but I do want to thank everyone. I know I have been silent and things have not been going great for me during this nightmare time. However I’m really thankful for the support I been getting of late and I am getting better. I’ll update this more soon as I can talk more about things but I need a little more time. One thing I can say is that it looks like my claim saga may finally have a ending by March (but I’m not holding my breathe). I have wrote a few new songs but not finished them as of yet so will put them up later. Also some people may have notice my Facebook account got hacked again … Sad people indeed if you ask me. Either way I’m hoping next year will be a better year than the hellish one this has turned out to be. Anyway I need some rest but I will be updating my blog as always soon as I can! 


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