Sleeping with tears

I’ll be honest I’m still a little teary eye but I guess it’s because of the past few days. I changed the layout of the blog a little since I thought yeah maybe a change will do some good. I gotta be honest some of the themes cost look really cool until you see how much they want. At the moment I’m not thinking about spending money on the blog yet. I say yet because next year I’ll be looking at paying for the premium year thing. I guess the more important question that some of you are wondering is how am I feeling now. I’m feeling fragile to say the least and I’m pretty surprised that I accepted Nick’s hug. When I got picked up to spend time away from London I was pretty nervous of anyone touching me. And it’s not like I don’t know these guys and yeah I’ll admit it has been a long time since we last spoke. Point I’m trying to make is … I just feel completely lost and very uneasy. I do miss the company though I can’t deny it. Knowing you can just sit down and just talk with them about just anything. Well it seems like the tablets are working because I’m feeling a little tired. And with that I bid you all good night and I’ll do another post of my day.


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