The road to redemption (round up)

Sorry for lack of update just been having pretty time with everything again! So quick rundown so you know where I stand so far. Monday I had my 1st chance to see a therapist who’s name is Jill and charged me £30 for a introduction fee 50 minute session. Tuesday I saw another one named Nick and also saw my new doctor who has said is there is anything I need, she will help out in the best way she can. Wednesday I went to a group meeting and also had my 1st Xmas meal with a company. Same day I catch up with some old friends who I not saw in a while. Thursday I spend some time with a friend called Pippa who gave me a lot of advice on future plans. As things are right now I do need to take very careful steps in what I’m doing and not over do it. At the same time though it’s a case where I do need a guiding hand and to help me choose the right path. Am I on it? Hard to say but then I am feeling a little better in myself at least. So what is the next course? Sigh the part I hate the most. The waiting game. Jill has accepted to see me and will charge me £25 on a six week based session. This I can deal with and seems a lot cheaper for me. Problem is both therapist can’t see me until the second week of next year due to the holidays. Nick sent me a text saying the building is shut which explains the wait. While I don’t disagree that they deserve it, I just gotta find a way to keep myself going until then. What to do is the main question right now … I don’t know but I hope I can find peace in myself during this time period.


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