So okay let me just say Xmas day was a really good day and was a better Xmas than normal. No arguments this year and no one raised their voice over any BS. Also I got to finish another chapter in the book and I’m now working on a 1.3 version. Of course I still waiting on the book to get proof read but that will come in time. So far I done 47 pages which is pretty good for me and I’m feeling good about it all! I got rid of my facebook account due to the amount of BS going on there and the fact that some how I get involved when I don’t want to. But yesterday saw something I wasn’t expecting. Some one got upset for me saying Happy Holidays to them instead of Merry Xmas. I don’t quite understand how that could be offensive in any way but hey somehow it was. As you know I do celebrate Xmas so I thought me saying Happy Holidays would make people happy. Not to some though. Does it bother me? No not at all. I guess because of how some other people’s religion is not recognized for their Xmas it gets to the point where we don’t hear Happy holidays. September 19th is our holiday in case you didn’t know and it’s called Talk like a pirate day. This has been classed as the Pastafarian’s Xmas for quite some time now and to be honest I love it! Well anyway world I hope you all had a great Xmas and we will soon be heading into 2014, 2014 … The year of Rebuild … I like that! Picture of Santa Hanabi


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