Forever with you (6 years on)

Already the day feels heavy but even still I got something to do. This year I’m giving him something fruity. Apple sours. Taste pretty nice but after a while can get sickly. Either way it’s a toast to the big man. I can’t believe it’s being six years since you left us. I’m still a lost cause and only now getting help. I wonder what you say about me? I know I not turned out the grandchild you wanted. I should of have a child by now. Well a second one and have someone with me to see you. Sigh. Old man, who am I supposed to look towards for guidance? Naze … Naze does my heart bleed and not stop?! What is the point of me fighting for a future that has so much pain?!

That feeling just now. Of a really cold breeze … Is that of your doing? I’ll take this opportunity to remember our times. I’m crying again with that baka look on my face again. image

I’ll pour your drink and leave you these flowers in your memory.  Thank you for everything you done for me.

Your grandchild



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