Almost over

2013-12-08 16.08.06

Well only a day and a bit left until the end of another year. But so much has happened this year that it’s taken a bit out of me. Two meltdowns in one year is not something to brag about at all but, hearing people wanting me to write a book is. As much as I wish I could say this has been a better year it’s not really. I can only hope and pray that the Rebuild year will do more good for me. Why do I label it the Rebuild year? Well because for a start I’ll be getting help on a weekly basic so that there is one thing positive. Also I’m looking to help others out so they too can get to a better time in life. Everything starts off small and then starts to build bigger and better. I guess life will be more busy for me now and I’ll finally be happy in myself. I’m not pushing for anything too high or too low but a goal I can reach. As of now this is my plan for next year :

1. Get a new job that I’ll be feeling happy in.
2. Try and complete the book by December 13th.
3. Have the new designs I got planned finished.
4. Start driving lessons.
5. Plan for a holiday aboard.

Five things so far but then again that list can always change. Still for not I’m hoping it can all be done. The second one will be a bit of a bitch but I reckon it can be done. I really do need to advance things and make ends meet. Keep watching world … The year of the Rebuild saga is about to begin!

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