Hide (Lyrics)

Somewhere hiding in your soul, you can hear a child’s cry.
Somehow you blocked it all out and forgot who you are.
But no matter what you thought you are …
You are not all alone.

Escape from it, don’t hide away your pain, take my hand and let me help. Don’t let your past ruin who you truly are. Believe in yourself. Let me wipe away your tears that you cry so many nights all alone. I’ll carry your burden till the end of time.

(Crying in fear … Crying in fear)

The place where we look back on is calling out your name.
The person who hurt you the most wants you to follow him.
But even still though, they are just echoes in the wind.

No matter what they say, no matter what happens, don’t go back to the place you called hell. You know that you are much stronger than you was before. Just believe in me. I’ll protect you now don’t be ashamed to cry, I’m here to make you smile again. The moment of truth for you to shine is almost here.

(Crying in fear) (Crying in fear)
Don’t run away … Don’t run away … Don’t run away … Don’t run away …

Don’t look back in fear, don’t hide away from home just hold my hand and show you peace. I’m not going to leave you in a place with no love. Believe in us. I’ll wipe your tears away, I’ll make you feel good again. No longer will you feel like you’re alone.




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