Happy birthday to me

Hey everyone today is my birthday and although it’s not been a good start, things are getting there. We finally got the tickets booked for Jamaica and are leaving on the 15th for about two weeks. I’m mainly concerned about my mum though since she hasn’t been the same since hearing the news. She’s been sleeping with the lights on and sometimes crying herself to sleep which is worrying to me. I try to do anything I can to help her out but she is mainly putting on a brave face and getting on with things like that. As for me I’m still just thinking if there is anything else I can do to. So far I got my suit and I need to get new trainers so I been told. I never been to Jamaica but from what I heard so far it’s like I’m just gonna have some sniper scope on me 24/7. What I mean is, I been told everything I do, I’m going to be watched over by everyone. Seriously makes me wonder why people are like that and is making me think maybe this is why I kept putting going to Jamaica off so many times. But I have a good reason to be going this time round and I really do need to keep this promise. I’m going as support for mum and also keeping my promise of seeing Grandma who I not seen since 1995. Yeah pretty much a long time ago now and although we talked on the phone a few times, she always joked I would see her when she is dead and gone. Well time to put that one to rest and show her I’m really here with her. I don’t know if I will have internet in the house but if we do I’ll be sure to try keep a update on here when I do go. Anyway it’s nearly 2 in the morning here so I’m gonna go get some sleep while I still can and try be stay happy for my birthday


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