Just a quickie

So the holiday is booked and I thought it be a good idea to see if we had internet in Jamaica. Sure they do but none in the house. No problem I thought, I’ll ask for a ride to McDonalds and hopefully free WiFi. Erm … Maybe not. After reading a news report McDonalds in Jamaica shut down in 2005. Well … Shit son! *Major facepalm* So it seems I won’t be posting while I’m out there unless I know I can go to a Internet cafe somehow and give you guys a little low down on what’s been happening! Anyway just a reminder I’ll be leaving on the 15th (Wednesday) so I’ll be silent for a while. Still no date for the funeral itself as far as I know but soon I hope. I’m still writing the book and I may do another upload for people who want to download it. At the moment it’s sitting at version 1.7 with a lot more stories crammed in and some new lyrics. I’m still debating on if I want the lyrics to act as a interlude for each story still and how I would plan it out. I’m still hoping to reach my target and I hoping it does get put on Kindle. I’ll look at the rules about self publishing and how to go about it when I get back. That’s all I can say for now but hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy yourself!  

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