Look inside

I’m still trying to sort out what Nick means by feel from the outside of myself. I don’t get it. He said about feeling your body and tell me what you feel. Like what does your hands feel or the rest of your body? I tried it but it reverts back to my mind. My mind itself feels like a cubic cube. Trying to find the answer to the end of the puzzle. Of course it’s seems easy to cheat but I don’t know what it is I’m looking for. What is it that I’m searching for? Am I still finding my other side? I don’t know what it is or who the voice inside of me is. Empty is all I feel and nothing more. Tuesday will be the next time I’ll see him. Thankfully I’ll see him after I come back but I still having a debate if I will continue to use him. His method of use to start the session with being silent is not helpful.

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