Ready for tomorrow

Ugh what a day I had today … Done as much as I can do but still feeling a little stressed out from things. Mum is already acting like she is law and order which isn’t helping me much at all. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother try and reason with her because it’s always the same old thing. Sigh either way I still wish I had the money to have something to take out there but I don’t. I’m broke as hell and won’t have anything till Thursday but it’s a minor problem. I’ll just be careful when I used my card out there and see how much I do have to spend. I agreed to get stuff for my cousin while out there and maybe I can find something cool for the new born as well. Right now I feel tense and annoyed. I should try and relax but I just can’t seem to be able to do it. I got ten minutes left until I have to head off and see Nick. Unfortunately Jill wasn’t able to see me today but I politely told her, we can catch up when I return. I’m glad I was able to help a friend out today who was really low and worried about things. Sometimes all we need is a shoulder to cry on or someone to hear us all out. I’m glad I was able to do that for them and hopefully when I return they will be feeling better. I forgot to mention I got a cool new key ring from Nana-sama yesterday! It’s a Lego Star Wars Yoda which is awesome! I’m now wondering how many people are going to stare at my key collection! I got more rings on it than keys itself! Which is okay for me since I like it that way! Sometimes I joke about it and say the weight of my keys are the weight of my burden. Time to get going but i’ll be back later to post about Nick’s session! Ja ne sekai! (Cya later world!)

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