Jamaica day four

As always mum is up before me and the house is sounding like the party is still happening. I’ve not been outside yet but was called into the living room to eat a patti and cereal. Grandma offered me another patti but already I was feeling full from everything last night. Me and my cousin had a walk around to the old house she used to live in and the heat was killing me. I didn’t trust the people around but my cousin knew them which was fair enough but I didn’t want to take any pictures with them around. We got back to the house and we had to get ready for the funeral now. As always mum wanting to rush out and get dressed which didn’t make any sense since it was another hour left to go. This was one of the things we hated about her fully and never understood why I bother with her at times. The truth is I’m still feeling the side effects of the tablets also the mind blocks that has happened of late. What would Trinity think of me if they saw me dressed up like this? Sigh Granddad I’m hoping that you are in spirit with me today because I will need you now before I go and see you again. Our judgement will soon come I know that but before it does I want to see some things done. We got here early and church is still going with all of us a little worried. Five minutes later the casket


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