Jamaica day one

Woke up this morning with not much sleep but enough time to feel okay. Had a walk around outside of the garden and saw how much big it was. Auntie Thelma showed me the grave where Auntie Faye will be buried. If you live in the countryside then you can bury in your backyard. In respect of my other family members I’ll say something to them tonight. After that I got called by Auntie W to go and learn how to Rift. Started doing it and it was pretty enjoyable! While out here some of the family was already doing hand washing. I sat down with the rest of the family in the sun afterwards. Mum said we are going out later but still don’t know what’s happening. I still can’t get no internet but it’s looking likely that it will have to be when I come back. Anyway today I went to Black River which is a pretty busy area! I wanted to get out of the house since I don’t enjoy sitting in all the time. I got to see the tombstone for Auntie Faye and I’m pleased with it. After that we went to pick up Auntie Sybil who again I not seen since 1995. She was shocked to see me and I’m glad she didn’t know I was coming! For now we are heading back to the house and try some Ox tail for the first time! Finally back I should of known better … I’m too tired to do anything again. I tried a little bit of the food but in total I was force eating myself. Not a good idea but at least it’s not going to waste since someone else wanted it. Tablets taken now and I’m falling asleep … One positive thing I found was some places on the road have internet so hopefully when we go back out, I’ll be able to get the login details! Another thing I forgot to mention was I was with my Uncle George who drove me around places. I can’t remember his friend’s name but we had a real deep conversation about everything. Crazy thing was the radio DJ talking about the cow been on drugs like crack. This happening makes a lot of people allergic to lactose. I know I am but to think this was the real cause was pretty shocking. The milk from the cows will do this to people but the fact remains that this could only be in America than anywhere else.


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