Jamaica day three

This morning I had to rush out the door since when I woke up, Auntie Thelma and Auntie P was set to go market. The market is based in Santa Cruz and is pretty much like every other one I been to but one slight difference, you can have someone with a cart who will carry your shopping to the minicabs. We did a lot of shopping to have everything ready for the funeral tomorrow while mum, Auntie Sybil, El and W went to get their hair done. The problem is that today is Auntie El birthday and I completely forgot to get a card for her. But later today I’ll go to Black River again and try buy her one. When I do I’ll get Auntie Thelma to sign it as well. Brian gave me, Auntie Thelma and Auntie P a lift to Black River earlier but now his busy doing pick up round for cousin from Canada and another member. After we went to the market, I went back to the house with Auntie Thelma where both my smaller cousins Jaleel and Jaheed were there. They are both Paula children and are aged five and seven years old who spent time watching NCIS. We have some time messing around for a while but I soon needed time to relax and be able to sit down and chat. Soon the car arrived and it was my cousin Douglas who arrived at long last! We sat down and had a chat and he agreed with everyone else I look completely different from what everyone remember me to be. It made me happy to hear that but now I’m wondering if it was a good change or a bad one. I asked him and he said it’s a good chance and feels like I found my own identity which pleased me. Brian soon came back and we was on the road again but this time to pick up Paula and her boyfriend in Black River. I didn’t know much about him and to be honest I forgot his name already but he looks pretty skinny still. After we dropped them back at the house, Douglas was wanting to get some jerk chicken from a place near by which lead to the four of us going. I was thinking the chicken was ready to eat but turned out it was going to be a 25 minutes wait before anyone had anything. We sat down at the bar and I got to know Paula’s boyfriend more and he seems like a really cool guy. We finally went back to Grandma’s house where the Wake had already started. The whole place was packed out and it looked like a festival was been played at her house. It was simply amazing to see a site like this and I loved the idea of everyone making sure Grandma was happy during this hard time. Cars were parked inside and outside to fill up the space that was there. I spent most of my time with the people I came with but I soon went to freshen myself up. I had a shower at last and changed my clothes readying myself for the awesome party. I got to meet a few people who I never met before and got to know them all better. Put it this way most of the garden was filled with my cousins from different sides of the family. The party carried on from sunrise and didn’t finish until 8am. This truly was something pretty amazing and will be one of the most inspiration things I been about of. As for me I need to get me some sleep and be ready to go church tomorrow at half two.

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