Jamaica day two

Woke up this morning a lot better this morning due to the amount of the sleep I had! Tried to have a hot shower again today with no joy. Mum says the hot water system is on but I never feel it to be honest with you. Even still a shower is better than none so I welcome it. Auntie Sybil slept in our room on the blow up bed and said herself she had a good sleep. For now I’m sitting outside with my grandma, mum and a few of my aunties. Not so hot today but the breeze is nice. We’re going Black River later but for now we’re chilling. We have the goats here which are tied to the tree at the moment. Three of them in total but won’t be dealt with till tomorrow. I got asked if I wanted to kill one but I passed on the offer. The other animals like the dogs and pigs walk around relaxing. Auntie El and me went to have some sugar cane which was pretty nice! At the moment look like they are setting up to kill a goat which I’m not wanting to be around. They made a kitchen outside for the service but it’s a very basic one. Davain my cousin was here for a little while but he soon picked up the bike and left. I’m a little worried of how his taking everything in since he lost his mum, Auntie Faye. I’ll try get a picture of all of us tomorrow for the funeral but I hope it won’t be something of disrespect to the family. They are about to kill one of the three goats but the cries are so loud I have no choice but to play music to deaf it out. I never like the sign of killing and always hated it. I’m guessing it’s now over but the fact is I rather have my music playing than hear it. This is not something I think I can get used to but hopefully I won’t be around to hear anymore of it. Uncle George and myself went to Black River for a little bit to pick up a drink and go Juicy Patti. After that I went to see Brian and Paula my cousins and spend time with them. While there my cousin Anita and Steve turned up with Auntie Thelma. I can see the family coming together now and it’s looking huge! I didn’t know that the TV channels they have was streaming from America itself. A little later we went out to go and see different parts of Jamaica with him. He took me to Santa Cruz which was a bigger place than Black River but also very crowded. The problem is Santa Cruz is the only place where KFC is so it’s a long travel there. We had a talk about everything and I was glad that I did spend time with him. Maybe because he was in my age group and that’s why I felt m


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