Going to the airport

I knew me going with mum with bring something to piss me off and she did. She gave me my wallet this morning after the shower with a hundred dollars to spend. Cool I thought I’ll use it as emergency money since I’ll be bring my card at a safe place. We get in the cab and my wallet feels light and I’m wondering why. She took all of my cards out of it. I was fuming and told her why the hell would you do that?! And her answer was well you don’t need it. I already felt my independence been taken away from me due to this. She didn’t understand why I was upset and kept saying well use it when you get back. Even though it was about £150 I saved it was spending money for this trip. We got to the airport and instantly I could feel my body craving for a cigarette. The truth of the matter is I would only need one to get and not a whole pack of ten. Problem is you can’t just buy one over the counter and neither will someone give you one. We got our luggage checked in and mum paid a little extra to have seats near the front for more leg room. Afterwards she went to the toilet and when coming back asked me what is it you needed your card for? This again … Independence! I could buy what ever I wanted without having to know I have to ask you for anything! I told her I was going to buy a cigarette and lighter then something to eat. Turns out mum had been awake since 2am and had something to eat already. Even though I woke up at 3am I was still not awake and tired as hell. She gave me £20 which basically covered everything but then at the same time you wish things were cheaper. She was a little upset me doing this because already she wanted to check in. *Cue me face-palming!* I tried to light the cigarette but my body was rejecting it. Guess my Straight Edge side was telling me to you ain’t having it! I came back upstairs and we checked in as she wanted it. We still had over a hour and I couldn’t take my drink with me. I was getting more and more annoyed but just thought relax … We will get on the plane and everything will be okay. Soon as we got upstairs to sit down the bag handle broke completely. What next I was thinking … I’m just going to wait and see.


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