Here in Jamaica

So I’m here in Jamaica and I have to say it’s hot! It’s like Singapore all over again but the good thing is this is with family. A family that I know so little about but always wanted to meet. When we touched down at long last, the first family member I saw was Jimmy. Jimmy is my cousin and does mini cabbing for a living. The first few things I noticed was how some people would walk around in the middle of the street selling various items. Busy road like a highway and just pacing up and down with no care. Memories of Singapore started to flood back when seeing people riding at the back of vans. we went to Mega Mart where you can get American food that looks like a huge warehouse. I didn’t get a good chance to look around the place but picked up a bottle of Bigga! I didn’t know if it would taste different from the UK version or not but I was willing to try.

Afterwards we went to Jimmy’s house and saw his wife. Never spoke to her before but she seemed very shy! The house seemed a little small but enough for the both of them. One thing I should point out as well is that the roads are horrible. The road leading up to Grandma’s house is full of holes and a completely uneven surface. Pretty bad trust me and this can result in breaking your car. Another thing to be wary about is the animals that walk around freely. Good example is the dogs that will run up to your car and start barking at you. Stupid but that’s what they do and even at times the goat will run across the road. When we finally reach Grandma’s house the place was packed out with loads of family members. I’ll admit most of them I had no idea who they are so it was pretty much a hi how are you, move on to the next! I was pretty tired still since back in London the time would be around half one in the morning.

In the end I said hello to Grandma who was pretty happy to see me and she couldn’t let go of me. Auntie El who I not seen since 2007 or 2008 with my cousin Jessica.


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