So nearly a week back in London and I’m still a little jet lagged. Today was meant to be a important step in me going on a new course for Peer support. However due to me sleeping right through my alarm I didn’t make it on time and instead went to see Jill. I was hoping to get there on top since I left early but roadworks on the way down caused a major delay. Just my luck I said to myself, can the day get any worst? Sure can! Unexpected person sent me a text on whatsapp and one I was hoping not to hear from at all. I won’t say anymore than that but the person has been blocked thankfully. Anyway today’s session with Jill went really well and I spoke to her about the great time I had in Jamaica and also the little minor problems that I had there. I also asked if we could arrange the next session another day due to the course. See the course will last ten weeks and is free but even though I missed the first one, I’m hoping I can go back and learn what i missed from it at a future date. Either way I’m more hyped to get a job and I need to start making my voice known about having a real job than rather something where I work for free. Although I don’t mind it, I do want to earn money and be able to say I’m saving up for the next holiday which will be Canada. Hopefully things will fall into place and I won’t have to worry and stress so much. I’m still a little pissed off at a family member but I been told I should remain silent about said person due to it causing a ruckus in the family. I still gotta find money to buy a phone card and call up Jamaica and speak to a couple of people which I plan to do today. That and also money for next week session with Jill which remains me … I need to book a new appointment with Nick at some point. Sigh … Well let’s hope tomorrow I don’t wake up late and can go into Open Office tomorrow. The week is already speeding up faster than I want but maybe that’s a good thing as well. One thing I should add is that Jill made me smile by saying I’m proud of who you are because you are always trying to improve yourself despite how bad things get. She’s pushing me to be a therapist as well which I think is awesome to hear! Looks like I’m on the right path at last but I’m hoping I don’t get sidetracked by anymore major problems.


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