Small steps

Hello world and how are you all today? Well I gotta say it’s been a very good week for me so far! Tuesday I went on the first of seven sessions of Peer Support course. Peer Support has been around for years but the name is new and may confuse some people. To me it feels the same as been a Support Worker but just with a new name. I actually enjoyed it quite a lot and to be honest with you, I can’t wait to go back next week! The class is pretty good and the people there are nice but I’m really hoping I can pass the exam after the session has finished. To me it feels like the perfect role and I’ll admit I was a little worried it wouldn’t feel right for me. I guess the really cool thing is one of the people there who is a teacher has been through what we have. He suffers from depression and anxiety but he too was worried he wouldn’t pass. The good thing is that he said to me is that you will have a helping hand if need be which I think is great! Apart from that … Well weather wise … It’s been raining pretty hard and some places in England have been hit pretty hard with it. Also you may have notice I do have a banner up saying STOP NSA SURVEILLANCE. I may not say it much but as someone who believes in freedom of speech, this is something I believe in. Someday we are going to be limited on how much we can say on blogs or forums because of some BS like the government wanting to have a stronger hold on the internet. I know a time like that will come and I’m going to be pissed as hell when it does but for now, I’m speaking my mind like I always do. Anyway I gotta get going but enjoy the rest of your week!


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