Silent movements

I didn’t realize it but it will soon be the third year of having the blog up which is gone by pretty fast! I’m thinking what to do for the day itself for the blog but nothing yet. It’s till not till next week anyway so still got some time to think about it. Anyway as of right now, I’m feeling a little angry. I been looking to get a job for a while now and it’s getting to the point now of me not getting anywhere. The problem I face is that I can’t do heavy lifting due to the damage on my arm from the accident years back. It seems like every job now requires that skill which in turn is pretty annoying since they won’t hire me. What do I now? Well I’m not going to give up hope that’s for sure! I’m also not going to give up my time for lessons I need to attend to learn on how to be a Therapist. The dumb thing is the lady who is meant to helping me find work, insist on me working in a warehouse which is the dumbest thing I heard. It’s like that saying, if you want a job done best do it yourself. Anyway tomorrow I have to see her and hopefully she will listen and stop putting me in job roles I can’t get. While I’m at it hopefully she will help me in a role that will be best suited for me although it highly doubtful. Still a man can dream … Right? (Nervous laugh) Yeah maybe not! Either way next month will be when I’ll become a Godfather to a new born child, Baby Jack. Although some family did ask me back in Jamaica when will I bring a girl with me, it’s still not the main thing on my list. Hell even getting asked when am I going to be a Dad again was asked a few times but as I stated I can’t do it. Maybe it is selfish but at the end of the day my feelings towards having another child is still a sore thing for me. With that said I really should ask someone about the design done with her name done.


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