Lost (Lyrics)


Somewhere deep inside your heart, you can hear me crying out to you.
But as loud as the cries get you always seem to just block it out.

Where are you now? Are you living okay I wondering?
I wish I knew because you meant so much to me.
And I wish that we could of been together now with me by your side.
I know its sound selfish though but I hoped to hear you say
Those precious word to me one more time
That you’re still in love with me.

Is it just a foolish dream? Or can I see it happening?
Even though it hurts me so much to know you’re not with me.
So why am I crying so much? Is it because I lost you once?
But somehow can I … Repair the damage that has been done.
And I swear I’ll wipe away your tears and put the smile back on your face.
I’ll do anything for you to be mine again but will you give me that chance?
I falling to my knees begging you …

I’m calling out your name as loud as I can and hope you turn …
Around to face me …
You turn around with tears in your eyes
And I Run towards you with open arms to wrap around you
I’m hoping I never lose you again …
I’ll never let you go again …
Let’s walk together and not look back

Somewhere in this life we forgot who we truly are.
And I hope and pray that we will look towards each other again
Just like that night when we first kissed under the moonlight
Like we were kids, shy to hold hands,
Wanting to be near each other though
Scared to make the first move
Hoping that we will do it again
Falling in love with you by my side
It’s like a dream that I don’t wanna wake up from

As we close our eyes I’m holding your hand
We lay beside each other with smiles on our face ….






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