Seeing Jill

Well I said Jill again today and I have to say each time I leave seeing her, I feel a lot better in myself. This time round she proved me with a lot more knowledge than I thought. She lent me a book which about different patterns in life. I’ll try scan one in and upload it later tonight for you to see it but it blow me away how impressive it was! She told me about a couple of websites to try to help get me more to my dream role as a Therapist and also a couple of books to read. In some ways I have a lot to thank her for and honestly without her helping hand in pushing me forward, I don’t think I would get this far! Either way I did wanted to let everyone know if they do have questions or do want to use any of my lyrics, they can reach me by filling out the Contact Form below! Tomorrow is Peer Support course which I can’t wait to do as well! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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