Too many questions not enough answers …

So you maybe wondering why I been using a few Evangelion tracks as some of my opening post. Well to be honest I don’t have a real reason and just picked them. Normally I would use them to set the tone for the story I’m about to speak about. So today I’ll begin it with a serious one instead and speak about what’s bugging me. 5th of April is still a bit away but still one day I still feel unhappy with. For those that didn’t know this the day I lost my daughter and the day I normally switch my phone off and keep to myself mainly. Despite that I’m hoping I will have a design ready and printed well before hand so I can use it on my jacket. Anyway apart from that I saw Jill again today making it number 4 I think now? I forgot her book which I’m pissed off at myself about … Next week I need to make sure I pack it in my bag so I can hand it back. Either way she was telling me about a few places to try for volunteer work which I’m hoping I can get into. Experience in the field will be great also I may find that this is the path I want to go down than somewhere else I’m not too happy with. I guess having a sit down and talking about things make it clearer for where I should be aiming for. As much as I like to be a therapist maybe it doesn’t have to be in the field of working with adults and like she said working with children maybe a better option. Hearing it makes a lot of sense for me because then maybe I can push children into a better tomorrow with the knowledge I have. Also might make me reconnect with me wanting one sometime later in life. Either way it’s worth a shot and definitely one I’m not going to shy away from. The only question now is … Can I get the funding from the Job Center to pay for a new Enhanced CRB or whatever they are calling it now? I still have plans in the background I want to do but I’m not allowed to talk about them but hopefully I will be able to soon. Tomorrow is class for Peer Support so I best get some rest and hopefully be able to sleep this time round. I think I was too excited last week monday and caused me a lack of sleep to happen. I didn’t drop off until about 3am in the morning and I can’t say I helped myself by watching Arrow either. Good show so far and I’m liking the fact how they are using some of Batman’s baddies in the show. I was going to see how Smallville compared but was told stick with Arrow. Time for sleep for now and maybe tomorrow I can post about how the course went.


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